Terry Abrams Photography


Photography has been Terry’s passion and profession for over 30 years, and he invites you to explore this site for information about the photographs he creates as well as information that you can use to improve your own photographs.

Technology is an essential component of the photographic process, and Terry Abrams has worked in a variety of technologies, including historical, contemporary and leading-edge.

The photographs Terry currently produces are created with digital cameras, processed in computer software and printed on large-format ink-jet printers in his own studio, using the finest inks and papers available.

Perhaps you will enroll in one of Terry’s college classes, workshops or travel adventures. These offer you the opportunity for group and individual instruction in the art and technology of photography.


The photographs above were made with a variety of digital cameras and printed with the finest inks and papers. Locations include Morocco, California, Chicago and New York City.


My new website is under development and will be released soon.

In the meantime, I would like to announce one of my workshops for 2020, with more to follow:

NEW MEXICO - February 22 - 28, 2020

This workshop will explore the landscape and architecture of northern New Mexico, based in Santa Fe. We will arrive and depart from Albuquerque, spending one night there at each end of the trip. The rest of the time we will make photographs in Santa Fe, Taos and unique landscape locations that have historical significance. This workshop is limited to 7 participants,and all hotels and ground transportation is included. Please click this link to register: https://registration.conlintours.com/AbramsSantaFe2020



2020 Dates TBA Digital Photography I

2020 Dates TBA Digital Photography II

The view camera has played an important role in Terry’s photographs by offering a precise way of visualizing and rendering images. He began working with digital technology in the 1990s by scanning 8x10 negatives he produced with an antique camera. Terry still scans large format film for digital printing, but today is more likely to use a Digital SLR camera for creating RAW files.